“Using visual artistry as a means to communicate the sanctity of life while providing guidance and resources to those who are in need.”

  • Loving – Our objective is to “Practically” convey God’s love to those who have been most affected by the practice of abortion.
  • Intervening - Our objective is to “Purposefully” intercede of behalf of those who have been most affected by the practice of abortion (i.e. prayer, guidance, practical assistance etc.)
  • Fusing – Our objective is to “Partner” with like-mined evangelical Christians whose calling is to minister to those who are most affected by abortion.
  • Educating – Our objective is to “Provide” truthful and pertinent information to those who are most affected by abortion.

yimfamilyBrent Alexander Yim, founder of PRO-ject LIFE, entered into the presence of his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on May 8, 2012 after a courageous fourteen month battle with brain cancer. He was thirty-two years old. He leaves behind his beautiful wife of nine years, Andrea and their two sons, Jaiden Alexander (5), and Micah David (2). Brent was the Senior Pastor of Temecula Community Church and Administrator of Temecula Christian School in Temecula, California.

Brent graduated from Calvary Chapel Bible College in Murrieta, and was given the privilege of serving as a Pastor on staff at the Bible College in various capacities for the next five years. It was during his time at the College that the Lord began burdening his heart for the millions of unborn babies that have been, and currently are being, murdered through the practice of abortion and for the women who are experiencing the destructive consequences of their personal choices. Over the course of many years this burden continually increased as the Lord provided multiple opportunities for Brent to be involved with various Pro-Life ministries. As he witnessed first hand the destructive results of abortion, his prayer was that God would grant him vision of how to help break the silence by speaking on behalf of those who couldn’t speak for themselves.

The concept for the short film was the first idea that emerged from this prayer. The objective of a professionally shot short film was considered to reach a media driven culture in a way that everyone can identify with. The potential to reach the masses with a film that artistically conveys the reality of life at the point of conception has never been greater than at this point in history.

The concept for the website, which people will be directed to after they watch the film, was the second idea that emerged from Brent’s prayer. One thing that he envisioned was all “Christ centered” and “God honoring” Pro-Life ministries united in their battle for the sanctity of life; merging together to provide information, education, and Biblical guidance to those who are in need.

As this vision was becoming a reality, he became overwhelmed with the thought of how these two simple tools being used in conjunction with one another could have the potential of impacting millions of lives (Born and Un-born) around the world. Brent’s prayer was that through this united endeavor, “PRO-ject LIFE” would become a voice for the millions of un-born babies who cannot speak for themselves and that through our voices they will be heard.

His appeal to all Christians remains, “Let’s join together in breaking the silence!”

The vision for Pro-ject LIFE will continue, as Brent’s bride, Andrea, will now labor to see that her husband’s dream to speak on behalf of the unborn is kept alive.

Winston Titus Tao

- Writer & Director

Winston Titus Tao - PRO-ject LIFE"LEAH" was written and directed by the Tao Twins, and produced under New Title Entertainment.

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